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Protecting Purchasers In Antitrust And Unfair Competition Law

We represent individuals, business entities and various governmental entities nationwide in state and federal courts against companies that engage in anticompetitive practices in class action lawsuits.

Antitrust and unfair competition laws protect purchasers, either direct or indirect, of a product from unfairly high prices. Prices, if not set by competitive market forces, may be the result of a variety of prohibited practices, including any of the following:

Price Fixing
Price Fixing occurs when two or more competitors agree to set or “fix” the price of a good or service arbitrarily and without the benefit of competitive market forces.

Customer Or Market Allocation
Customer or Market Allocation occurs when two or more competitors agree to allocate customers or markets (territories) in a set manner.

Tying A Good Or Service
Tying or Bundling of a Good or Service occurs when a particular product or service is sold on the condition that the buyer also agrees to purchase an additional good or service.

Pay For Delay
Pay for Delay occurs often between manufacturers of a brand name and one or more generic drug manufacturers. In a common scenario, the manufacturer of a brand name drug pays or offers one or more generic manufacturers extremely favorable business terms on another or several other products to delay the release of the generic drug to the market.

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