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Elmiron Lawsuit – IC Drug Linked To Maculopathy

Attorneys at Edelson Lechtzin LLP are investigating cases on behalf of past and current users of Elmiron who developed maculopathy.

Since 1996, millions of Americans have taken Elmiron to treat their interstitial cystitis (IC), which is also known as painful bladder syndrome. Within the past decade, however, scientists have found that use of Elmiron may lead to the development of the eye disease maculopathy. Maculopathy is an eye disorder that refers to damage caused to the macula area of the eye and can result in serious harm to one’s vision and eye function.

Specifically, Elmiron has been linked to a rare form of maculopathy, which has caused user to experience deterioration of their eyesight. Despite indications that the medication may cause this eye disease, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the producer of Elmiron, waited until June 2020 to provide a warning on their product.

Janssen should have notified the public and the users of Elmiron about the potential dangers related to using their medication sooner. Failure to raise awareness of the drug’s risk has potentially put thousands of individuals in danger of developing serious eye ailments like maculopathy.

You may be eligible for financial compensation if you took Elmiron to treat your interstitial cystitis (IC), and developed maculopathy. Our attorneys can help you seek rightful repayment for the harm caused by this dangerous drug.


As of April 2021, more than 200 cases have been filed against the manufacturer of Elmiron. Lawyers have submitted a preliminary scheduling order, which if agreed to, will result in the first bellwether trial taking place in January 2023.

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