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How can you figure out if your data was part of a breach?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2024 | Class Actions

In today’s digital world, data breaches have become more common. Hackers and cybercriminals often target personal information, which may leave you wondering if your data was part of a breach.

Knowing how to check for this can help you take steps to protect your information.

Use online tools

Several websites can help you check if your data was part of a breach. Some sites allow you to enter your email address to see if it appears in any known data breaches.

Other tools provide similar services and can search for usernames and passwords as well. These are easy to use and provide instant results.

Check on your accounts and alerts

Regularly monitoring your online accounts is important. Check your bank statements, credit card transactions and social media accounts for any unusual activity.

If you notice any suspicious transactions or changes, your data might be in the hands of someone else. Many financial institutions and credit card companies offer alerts for unusual activity. Enabling these alerts can help you stay informed.

Look for notifications

Companies often notify you if a data breach occurs. Check your email and mail for any notifications from companies or services you use.

These notifications usually provide details about the breach and steps you should take to protect your information. However, scammers will sometimes impersonate companies, so take note of who exactly the email or letter is from.

Take advantage of credit monitoring services

Credit monitoring services can alert you to changes in your credit report, which may indicate fraudulent activity. Services like Experian, TransUnion and Equifax offer free credit reports annually. You can request a report from each agency to check for any signs of identity theft or fraud.

Staying vigilant and taking proactive steps to secure your data are two ways to combat this problem. Learning about class action lawsuits is another option you may take to seek fair compensation.