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When may employers face a class action lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Class Actions, Wage & Hour Litigation

Employer-employee disputes happen all the time. While some disputes can be resolved at the workplace, others may require court intervention.

If your employer violates the law, it helps to understand that you and your co-workers can file a class action lawsuit against the employer. Basically, this is a single lawsuit that is filed by employees who have a similar claim against the employer. Here are some of the instances when a group of employees can file a class action lawsuit against their employer:

When they are victims of workplace retaliation or unfair discipline

Employment retaliation or a rushed disciplinary action in the heat of the moment can lead to a lawsuit. It is important that all employees are treated equally and subjected to the same disciplinary action. If a group of employees is retaliated against or subjected to a disciplinary action that violates their rights, then the aggrieved employees can opt to consolidate their claims into a single class action lawsuit against the employer in question rather than filing single lawsuits.

When they are wrongfully terminated

Pennsylvania is an at-will employment state. This means that an employer can dismiss employees for any reason or no reason whatsoever — as long as they aren’t acting for an illegal reason (such as discrimination or retaliation). If this happens, then affected employees might collectively take action against the employer for the resulting damages.

When there is rampant harassment at work

Workplace sexual or racial harassment can greatly impact employees’ productivity. If an organization does not have an anti-harassment policy or fails to take appropriate steps to address complaints of harassment, then the affected employees may have legal grounds for suing the employer.

If the employer’s actions result in damages to a group of employees, then they may be held liable through a class action lawsuit.