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What are the common causes of wage and hour disputes?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Wage & Hour Litigation

Everyone deserves fair pay for work done. In fact, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state labor laws set forth workers’ rights to receive payment for a fair day’s work. If your employer is not paying you the correct amount of money for the work you’ve done, you may have a case against the employer in question.

Wage and hour disputes are caused by a number of factors. Here are some of them.

Incorrect employee classification

One of the common mistakes employers make is employee misclassification. This can include incorrectly classifying an employee as an “independent contractor” or falsely claiming that an hourly employee is not entitled to overtime because they have supervisory roles.

Poor recordkeeping

It is important that the employer keep a clear record of each employee’s workweek, daily and weekly hours worked, hourly rate, overtime pay and any applicable deductions. Failing to maintain proper records can easily leave the employer vulnerable to lawsuits over unpaid dues. Sloppy books can even be purposeful if an employer is trying to hide wage theft.

Failing to pay wages at the right time

Naturally, it is important that the employer has in place adequate arrangements for payment of employees’ wages when they are due. However, employees may also have a right to payment for unused leave, bonuses and other earnings at various times. Employers may try to delay paying out what’s due to keep more in their own accounts.

If you believe you are not earning the right wages from your employer, you may have a valid wage and hour claim. Find out your legal options when you feel your employer is not keeping their end of the bargain regarding your pay.