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Don’t let retaliation prevent you from obtaining a fair wage

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Wage & Hour Litigation

No matter which industry you are employed in, you are entitled to fair compensation for the work that you do. In fact, this is enshrined in federal law.

The provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) dictate the minimum wage requirements that employers are expected to adhere to as well as overtime pay conditions. Thus, if you are underpaid at any point, you have legal recourse.

Unfortunately, some employers don’t take kindly to wage and hour claims being brought forward and they may opt to make life difficult for the employee. Such behavior is generally referred to as retaliation and it is prohibited at both a state and federal level. Outlined below are some of the common forms that workplace retaliation takes.

Are you being left out because of a legitimate grievance?

Your employment role may have traditionally required you to take part in regular staff meetings. After raising a legitimate grievance, you might notice that you are now being excluded from these meetings. Furthermore, certain roles require regular training. If you are no longer getting the training you need to perform your role optimally, it could be a sign of retaliation.

Have your hours been slashed?

You may have been working the same hours over the same days each week for a number of years and established a routine that allows you to live comfortably. This shouldn’t have to change without a reasonable explanation. If your hours have been cut in a manner that seems arbitrary, it could be your boss acting out because you have raised a legitimate wage and hour grievance.

Have you been let go?

Among the worst forms of retaliation is being terminated from your position completely. This can leave you struggling to cover the basic costs of living. Although many states impose a system of at-will employment, you should not face being fired for invoking your legal rights as an employee.

You should not face persecution for demanding the wages guaranteed to you by law. Recognizing your legal rights as an employee will help you to obtain the remuneration that you deserve.