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Minimum Wage Class Action Filed By Disneyland Workers

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Wage Theft

Former and current Disneyland workers have filed a class action claiming that the theme park underpaid its employees. The class action lawsuit demands that Disneyland pay them the minimum wage required by Anaheim City wage laws. If you worked at a hotel or resort in Anaheim, California, and earned less than $17 an hour, you may be able to join a minimum wage class action against your employer.

How Did Anaheim’s Minimum Wage Law Change?

The lawsuit alleges that Disney violated a city wage law called “Measure L” that requires government-subsidized resorts in Anaheim to pay their employees a living wage. Measure L, which voters approved in 2018, set the threshold for a living wage at $15 per hour in 2019. (You can find a copy of Measure L here.) The minimum wage then increases by $1 per year until it reaches $18 in 2022.

What Does the Complaint Allege?

Disneyland workers filed a lawsuit because they expected their pay to reflect the change in the minimum wage law. Unfortunately, the class of more than 25,000 current and former Disney employees didn’t see an increase in their wages. According to the complaint, some workers earned only $12.25 an hour — nearly $5 below the minimum wage in 2021.

The purpose of Measure L is to ensure that Anaheim-based resorts that receive city funds pay their workers living wages. This law includes subcontractors hired by these resorts, including Sodexo and Sodexo MAGIC, who run the dining services at Disneyland. The lawsuit says that Disneyland has received subsidies from the city for the amusement park to pay off construction costs for a parking garage. Accordingly, Disneyland must comply with city regulations and pay their hourly workers adequate wages if Disneyland did receive taxpayer funding.

How Can I Learn More About Joining a Class Action?

As an employee, it is critical that you know your rights. It’s the only way of ensuring that your employer is not violating your state and federal legal protections.

If you work at a hotel or resort in Anaheim California, please contact We Stop Wage Theft at 844-696-7492 (toll-free) or email us at [email protected] or you can also fill out the form on this page.

We will promptly evaluate your claim and let you know whether you are eligible to participate in a lawsuit for unpaid wages.

Do I Have to Pay Attorney’s Fees?

No. We Stop Wage Theft attorneys handle claims for unpaid wages on a contingent fee basis. In other words, the lawyers don’t get paid fees unless they get money for you.