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Property Insurance Litigation: Representing Property Owners

Was your home or commercial property damaged by a fire, flood, storm or act of vandalism? Did a roof or wall collapse due to a structural defect? Did you file a claim for insurance benefits, only to be denied? Or did the insurer pay an amount that was insufficient to complete repairs or replace the structure?

The attorneys at Edelson Lechtzin LLP have extensive experience representing property owners in underpaid or denied insurance property claims. The firm has successfully litigated numerous cases in both state and federal courts nationwide.

How We Work Up A Case

When a dispute arises after an insurance company denies or underpays a valid claim, the firm works with adjusters, engineers, accountants, and any other required expert or professional to precisely value the amount of the claim. The firm will then pursue all allowable legal claims, those for bad faith when applicable.

Typical claims involve losses arising from a variety of insurance disputes, including those involving homeowners, commercial, maritime, aviation and inland marine claims. We handle them all, both as individual claims and, when appropriate, as class actions or mass torts on behalf of groups of property owners who have been similarly cheated.

Request A No-Obligation Case Review

We understand the frustration and worry that many property owners go through when an insurer fails to honor insurance policies. We have heard every excuse there is. Our trial lawyers are highly experienced at preparing compelling cases that succeed in recovering our clients’ rightful benefits that have gone unpaid or underpaid.

If you have experienced insurance fraud or bad faith, please complete the form below or call us at 844-696-7492 to arrange to talk things over with one of our attorneys.