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GM “Shift to Park” Error Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits have been filed in Illinois and California alleging that certain vehicles designed, manufactured, and sold by General Motors (“GM”) have a defect that prevents drivers from shifting into park.

Consumers report that their cars and SUVs do not recognize when the gear selector has been moved from the “Drive” position to the “Park” position.

What vehicles are affected?

The “Shift to Park” problem has been reported in several GM vehicles, including:

  • 2016-2019 Chevy Malibu
  • 2016-2019 Chevy Volt
  • 2018-2019 Chevy Traverse
  • 2019 Chevy Blazer
  • 2017-2019 GMC Acadia

Does GM know about the “shift to park” problem?

Yes. GM has issued a series of Technical Service Bulletins (“TSB”) to its network of dealerships regarding the “Shift to Park” problem.

For instance, in September 2019, GM issued a TSB acknowledging that drivers see a “Shift to Park message when the vehicle has been shifted into Park, and the ignition has been turned to the Off position.”

The TSB reports that this may be caused by “the park switch in the transmission control (shifter) assembly is not pulling the BCM signal low to electronically show that the vehicle is in the Park position.” In other words, the vehicle doesn’t know it’s in park.

Why is there a class action lawsuit?

Owners and lessees of GM vehicles affected by the “Shift to Park” problem have had to pay hundreds of dollars to fix this problem. And many vehicle-owners report that the “Shift to Park” problem has reoccurred even after attempted repairs.

To make matters worse, GM and its dealers often refuse to provide warranty coverage for these expensive repairs.

The lawsuits seek monetary damages for owners and lessees of the affected GM vehicles under the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and state law claims for breach of express and implied warranties.

How do I join the class action?

If you own or lease a Chevy Malibu, Volt, Traverse, Blazer, or GMC Accadia, contact the lawyers at Edelson Lechtzin LLP toll-free at 844-696-7492 or click here to submit your info.

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